News Release

May 2012

CFRC's Jesse Helton Receives CLOCC Grant

The CFRC's Jesse Helton recently received notification that funding for his Healthy Agencies, Healthy Kids initiative was accepted by the Seed Grant Program at the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children (CLOCC). This program is designed to help investigators and organizations develop programs and research efforts to the point at which they should be able to obtain funding from outside sources. Seed grants are awarded twice a year and run for 18 months. The goals of Dr. Helton's project are twofold: (1) evaluate the creation and implementation of a Wellness Council at Lawrence Hall Youth Services in Chicago, a residential treatment facility specializing in caring for children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral challenges due to trauma, abuse and neglect; and (2) create a foster care agency assessment tool appropriate for child welfare agency organizations caring for children and youth with these challenges. The Wellness Council will consist of agency administrators, agency staff (including nurses, food service workers, custodians, teachers, and therapists), youth in care, foster families, biological families, and staff from a local hospital. Their overall mission is to advise Lawrence Hall Youth Services agency administration and board on school, foster care, and community health issues by identifying both student and staff health (including nutrition and physical activity) needs.

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