Outcome Indicator Tables


As part of our ongoing monitoring responsibility under the B.H. consent decree, the Children and Family Research Center (CFRC) has developed a set of child welfare outcome indicators that measure child safety, child and family well-being, and permanency of family relations. The annual B.H. monitoring report compiles performance data for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), compares this year’s performance data with past years’, and includes breakdowns by region and by child age, race, and gender.


Select an indicator from the list below. For each indicator you can select the population of interest: all children in Illinois or children in a specific region (including county or Chicago community). Results can also be sorted by child age, race, and gender.


Child Safety
Substitute Care
Legal Permanence
Of all children entering substitute care during the year, what percentage attained permanence...
Of all children who attained permanence during the year, what percentage remained with their families...
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